Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting bigger 10:17am April 22nd

So even though Owen's primary nurse is on the floor today, we have a different nurse.  The baby that Owen has been pared with had a bad day yesterday and now Owen is pared with a different kid on the floor whose primary was in today and Brittney decided to take the girl next door because none of the other nurses on the floor know her.  This morning Owen weighed in at 3664 grams, up 16 grams from yesterday morning.  In the English system, that comes out to approximately 8lbs 1oz.  Last night they actually suspended his multivitamin for this morning because that really threw him off for his feeds.  Now we just have to work up on his feeds.  Although he didn't do very well when we were here yesterday he might have actually taken 70% again because he did pretty well with his feeds overnight.  We are off to a good start today as well, he took 46ml which is about 77% for that one feed.  If he keeps that up today they will probably be pulling out his NG tube in the morning tomorrow.  Here is hoping.

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