Monday, April 16, 2012

Speech 3:28pm April 16th

The speech pathologist was just in here to evaluate Owen.  First they started by asking us some questions about Owen like if his cry is as loud as it was before he went into surgery, which it isn't. They were also interested in how he is with a pacifier because that can be a god indication of how they will be with a bottle.  When he wants his pacifier, he sucks on it really nicely.  She also wanted to hear him cry so she had to get him a little bit agitated.  After she heard him cry a little bit, it was time to try the bottle.  When he was on his back, he started to cough a little bit so she put him on his side which seemed to help.  He didn't actually get much out of the bottle before he fell asleep, but he made a good try at the bottle and really seemed to know what to do.  The speech pathologist said that some kids have no idea what to do with the bottle.  This is the only feed that they are going to try today, but they will be back in the morning to try again.  We might have an ear, nose, and throat doctor come in to assess his vocal cords in a few days if he is having trouble with the bottle.  They will stick a tiny camera up his nose and down his throat to actually look at his vocal chords to see if one of them isn't performing properly.  With that assessment, they might be able to better help him feed from the bottle by positioning him differently so that gravity helps close the gap, if there is one, between his vocal folds.  I almost forgot, when the speech pathologist was holding him trying to get him to feed from the bottle, Owen let out a major fart.  Here is the result:
Total blowout.  He even soaked through the blanket that he was in and got the speech pathologist.  So, no more Spiderman for today.  This was his first blowout, Cassie is just glad that she wasn't the one holding him at the time.  Well now he is all cleaned up with new clothes on and even fresh sheets on his bed.

Good thing Cassie packed a bunch of clothes for Owen.

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