Friday, April 13, 2012

Big Changes 10:51pm April 13

Hey everyone, Cassie here! I am proud to say that I am finally getting the hang of this whole blog thing.  You may notice I added some pretty cool changes to our blog.  We have lists of different websites I've found interesting, media we are excited to check out, and even other blogs written by parents of children with CHD's.  I also added pictures of our new little family. :) I hope you enjoy the new changes.  I'm going to try to figure out how to get tabs across the top of the page this weekend, so there will be even more changes to come!!

I also want to say how proud of my awesome husband I am.  He has kept up with the blog so nicely the past few weeks, hopefully I can continue to do so after he makes his way back to Two Rivers this next week. Well, I'm off to bed, we have a LONG day tomorrow.  We should be able to finally hold Owen in the morning and Owen will have quite a few visitors this weekend.  My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tom are coming as well as my cousins Jenny, Ricky, Nick, and Logan.  My mom, Kevin's parents, and Kevin's brother Matt and his wife Kate might be visiting this weekend too.  My mom really wants to make sure she gets to hold Owen before any of my aunt's do! Too bad she's going to have a hard time getting Owen out of my arms! ;) This has been the longest week and two days of my life.  Also I can't believe Owen is going to be 12 days old tomorrow. Time sure does fly... Well goodnight!

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