Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One foot out the door! April 25 3:14pm

Well we are a few steps closer to going home.  The only thing holding us back is Owen proving that he is going to keep gaining weight and eating like a champ.  We met with one of the interstage nurses this afternoon.  Her name is Jena, and she wanted to touch base about what needs to be done and who needs to be met with yet before Owen is discharged. She set up appointments for Owen to have a hearing test and a newborn screen, as well as a meeting with a nutrition consultant who will show us how to mix up Owen's fortified breast milk.  They haven't said we are going home for sure on Friday, but we've heard that they almost never say when a patient is going to be discharged until it's absolutely definite.  With the heart kids, they can take a wrong turn really easily.  I am hoping that the mishap from last night doesn't affect him going home Friday.  It shouldn't because Owen has taken 3 60cc bottles already. We are also meeting with a pharmacist to go over Owen's med schedule and where they need to be stored.  Owen is also starting a daily Vitamin D dose today. Jena is also going to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician in Manitowoc for sometime next week.

Today we put Owen in his first onesie that doesn't snap all the way up the front.  It only snaps around the crotch and the back of the neck.  I think he has some more growing to do because it's awfully big on him.

We went to lunch today in the Froedart cafeteria with Angie, Jason, and their daughter Cheyanne.  The food was pretty good compared to Children's Hospital.  The food at Children's tastes kind hospitally.

Owen had his hearing appointment already today and he passed! :) Here is a picture of how they do hearing screen on babies. It looks like he is rocking out.

And here's another cute one for the road. 


  1. He's looking so great! I am so excited that you guys will be going home soon. He sure is a rockstar! I've been reading your updates dailey and I am loving all the pictures too! You are truely blessed with a little miracle!

  2. Owen is such a little cutie. So glad to here everything is going well and that you will bringing him home soon!:)

  3. I am so excited for you guys...You have come along way! Your sweet Owen is just too cute for words! I also live in the Two Rivers area and have a child with CHD so if you ever want to chat feel free to call me 755-2621. People have no idea what we go through so it is so nice to talk to people who truly "get it". Take care and I will continue praying for you all!



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