Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morning rounds 11:20am April 24th

Time for rounds.  The renal ultrasound that they took yesterday looked good.  They were all really impressed with how well Owen ate yesterday.  The grand total for his intake was over 500ml when his goal was 480ml and 467ml of that was taken orally.  For today his maintenance goal is 370ml because his weight this morning was 3696 grams (8lbs 2.1oz).  As long as he can continue to gain weight over the next couple of days he should be able to be discharged on Friday.  We asked about circumcision today and he won't get circumcised until after the Glenn procedure.  For his circumcision, he will have to see urology because Owen has hypospadias which is when the urethra doesn't come out of the tip of the penis, but actually comes out more on the bottom.  Cassie was concerned about genetic testing on Owen and they did do some testing and everything looked good.  They are probably going to be increasing Owen's dose of Captopril tomorrow if he continues to do well with his feeding because they want to send him home on a higher dose and want a few days of observation at the higher dose before he goes home.

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