Thursday, April 26, 2012

His new dose isn't agreeing with him 6:00pm April 26th

So earlier, a technician came in to give Owen an EKG.  It is pretty much the same as what he has on all the time with the electrodes on the chest, but they put on like 13 different electrodes to get even more views of the electrical signals coming off of the heart.

So Owen didn't get his new dose of Captopril until about 4pm because they didn't put in the new order right away this morning for the new dose.  After we fed him at 4:30ish his stats settled a little lower than normal and weren't rebounding.  Brittney even came in to ask if his stats had been lower since we fed him like she was a little concerned with his stats.  Cassie and I were starting to freak out a little bit so we put on the pulse ox that we are going to be bringing home wondering if the one on his foot wasn't working well.  It seemed like it because the portable one was reading around 80 when his other one was around 70.  Shortly after we took our pulse ox off of his foot he started alarming because his blood oxygenation was low so when Brittney came in we asked her to move the sensor.  After she moved the sensor, he started alarming again, so she called in the doctor and they checked his blood pressure which was low.  They were all worried about his blood pressure so they wanted us to give him some Pedialite and now he is on oxygen just to make sure his levels don't drop to low.  What happened is the Captopril is reducing the systemic resistance because too much blood tends to flow through the shunt, only now too much blood is flowing through his body and not enough is getting to his lungs.  So they are going to go back to the old dose of Captopril and are going to talk about putting Owen back on a diuretic to reduce the amount of fluid in his lungs.  This is exactly why they wanted us to stay in the hospital after changing his medication dose.  I hope we will still get out of here by Monday.


  1. Remember that LOTS of people are continuing to pray for Owen and you both. God is watching over all of you and carrying you through this challenging time. The doctors, nurses and support staff at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin know what to do to make sure that Owen will be sent home when he is ready. Stay strong and keep the faith!! :-)

  2. It was so nice seeing you the other day, thank you for letting us visit. You are in good hands, the staff and doctors at children's hospital are awesome. Hang I there you are not alone. We are all praying for Owen and your family. You are both such good parents to Owen. He is so blessed.



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