Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clean and cute 11:21am April 15th

They are all done giving Owen his bath and dressing him.

Apparently getting a bath and getting clothes put on is very tiring because passed out shortly after they were done disturbing him.  I was kind of worried that his clothes might get a little bloody because they didn't put any dressing over where his chest tubes and pacer wires were, but Cassie insisted on putting on the outfit that she liked the most.  You may notice that his doesn't have an NG tube in these pictures and that is because he sneezed it out while they were giving him a bath, so Brittney is going to have to put another one in.  Right now Cassie is filing down Owen's nails because we forgot to bring a baby nail clippers down with us.  Brittney just informed us that it is our responsibility to trim his nails, the nurses aren't allowed to do anything with his nails.  We were wondering why nobody had trimmed his nails, they were long enough to get trimmed when he was born.  I am kind of surprised that no one told us that was our job before now.

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