Thursday, April 19, 2012

Morning rounds 11:22am April 19th

Rounds time.  So for the most part nothing significant has changed.  They are going to start him on a multivitamin just to make sure he is getting proper nutrition (babies don't usually get enough Vitamin D).  They are also talking about starting him on a medication that they send all babies home with from the CICU.  Yesterday he took in about 47% of his food orally but he fell short of his goal intake because they had to suspend his feed for the ENT to scope him out.  They are talking about possibly taking out his NG tube provided that he continues working up on his feeds.  I think they want babies to take about 75% of their goal orally before they will take out an NG tube.  Provided that he does well with his feeds and can gain some weight, his tentative discharge will be at the end of next week.  We couldn't be more excited that they are actually talking about discharge at this point.  They usually don't say that kind of stuff out loud for fear that things will start to go down hill, but Owen has been doing really well.

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