Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morning 10:25am April 28th

Well yesterday Owen fell just short of his maintenance goal, but inexplicably his weight is up from yesterday, we weighed him at 3724 grams.  I don't really understand how after a day of amazing feeds and exceeding his weight gain goal for feeds he looses weight and on a day when he doesn't even reach his maintenance goal he gains weight.  So for the last couple of days Cassie has been saying that she things Owen's voice is getting stronger and louder, I on the other hand was hesitant to say that his voice is getting better.  Cassie was actually thinking of asking Brittney if we could get Dr. Robey in here to take a look at Owen again, but she didn't even need to ask, he just decided to visit this morning all on his own. He said that he thinks Owen's voice does sound stronger than it did the other day, but it still sounds pretty hoarse.  He wants to see Owen again in three or four weeks to assess Owen again, he isn't going to look at it now.  When we come in for an appointment he will decide then whether or not to scope out Owen's vocal cords again.  Maybe Owen will fall into that 20% where the paralyzed vocal cord actually comes back, or maybe he could just be compensating for the paralyzed cord better.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

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