Friday, April 20, 2012

Walks are fun 8:29pm April 20th

Yeah, so after his 6pm feed we were just talking with Owen's nurse and the possibility of taking Owen for a walk came up.  Of course we can't pass that up, and since I had just picked up the infant carrier and stroller earlier this week, all we had to do was run out to the car and bring them in.  So after we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (we were going to go to the Ronald McDonald house but they had already packed up the food by the time we got over there), we brought in the stroller and infant carrier so that we could take Owen for a walk.  So now we are back in Owen's room no worse for the wear.  He actually seemed to enjoy the walk, he only fussed a little bit a few times and his stats stayed strong the entire time we were out for the walk.  He actually managed to stay awake for the entire walk too.  Everyone around the floor had to come look at Owen as we went by.  I can't believe we didn't ask about taking him for a walk sooner.  There is even a possibility of taking Owen out of CICU (probably as long as there is a nurse with us) when we go for a walk.  I guess it really pays to ask what we are and aren't allowed to do.

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