Friday, April 20, 2012

Real bath 10:32am April 20th

Owen has been doing really well with his feeds.  There was only one feed overnight where he wasn't really waking up and he only took 10ml of his feed.  But overall, yesterday he took nearly 60% of his goal from the bottle.  Talking to speech this morning when he managed to take 47ml from the bottle, that they like the cardio babies to take at least 75% of their goal before they will consider taking out the NG tube because 75% of their goal is maintenance meaning that take in only 75% they won't be loosing weight.  Hopefully he can reach 75% today so that they can take out his NG tube tomorrow or Sunday and once they get the NG tube out, they will take him off of the oxygen as well.

Because he doesn't have any more lines or anything, his nurse decided that we could try giving Owen a real bath this morning.  Owen wasn't exactly happy to be sitting in a tub of water, but he was finally patch and electrode free for the first time since after they brought him to see Cassie in the OR after the c-section.
 Naked baby time.

All clean now.  Look at how cute he is in the outfit that we picked up for him last night.  I had to run and put his other clothes in the wash, so hopefully he doesn't have any blowouts before his other clothes are clean.

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