Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Movin on up 3:27pm April 17th

So Cassie just gave Owen his 3pm feed.  This time he took a whole 37ml, awesome.  Speech came back in after Cassie was done feeding him and said that for tonight they are going to hold Owen to 30ml just to make sure that he doesn't get too tired out.  Some babies start out feeding really well, and then after two days kind of hit a wall because they use up all of their reserve energy feeding.  Owen doesn't seem to be working too hard to bottle feed, but we just want to be cautious.  Tomorrow morning they are going to see how much he will take again.

For the Interstage program, we should be getting out pulse ox and scale sometime tomorrow and they will be training us on how to use them.  When we are getting ready to take Owen home, there are two tests that we are going to have to do.  The first is to make sure that Owen can tolerate sitting in the car seat for at least two hours.  Cassie and I are also going to have to do a 24 hour care of Owen where we do everything for him.  They especially want to make sure that we are good overnight.  When we get Owen home, we are going to have to keep track of all of Owen's feeds and we are going to weigh him and take his pulse ox everyday.  They have a list of criteria for his stats that if he doesn't meet we are supposed to page the nurse practitioner and they will call us immediately.  We are also going to have bi-weekly cardiologist visits (we might be alternating between here and the Fox Cities for these) and they will be calling us periodically to get updates on his stats.

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  1. How exciting!!! It's great to hear that you may soon be able to bring Owen home. I hope that his throat is okay and that he will be able to tolerate the carseat just fine. Good luck with learning how to care for Owen's special healthcare needs. God will certainly continue to hold the three of you in the palm of his hand!! :-)



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