Monday, April 16, 2012

Power out 9:35am April 16th

So just as Cassie and I were leaving the Ronald McDonald house, the power went out.  On our way to the hospital, the traffic lights on the intersection of 92nd St and Watertown Plank Rd were out.  The power at the hospital seems to be unaffected, we even asked and no one at the hospital seemed to know anything about a power outage.  So Owen is doing well, they started fortifying his feeds last night.  He mostly slept through the night according to his night nurse which is really good.  They stopped giving Owen Lasiks which is a diuretic.  When we got here Owen had another one of his outfits on that we brought along for him.  We are currently waiting for the consult from speech to come and assess Owen's vocal chords and discuss his feeding regiment.

Last night Cassie and I decided that I will be running home today.  There are some things that we are going to need to have down here before we can take Owen home (not that they are talking about that yet) such as his car seat (for transport and they do a test to see how long they can tolerate being in it), stroller, bouncy chair, there are some things that we don't need down here either.  One of the main things is that our house is probably a science experiment at this point.  Not knowing that we were going to be having a baby when I came down more than two weeks ago, I didn't make sure that all of our dishes were washed, there is stuff in the fridge that is probably disgusting, and there is laundry waiting at home.  Bear is probably out of food at Grandma and Grandpa Klein's house because we only sent two weeks worth of food for him, not to mention I haven't seen him in two weeks and I miss him. So, I am going to run home today, pick up a few things, take some things home, make sure the house isn't disgusting, get some much needed dog time, and then I will come back tomorrow bringing the the few things I picked up.  Hopefully the house isn't too bad, but I think the refrigerator is going to be nasty.

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