Friday, April 27, 2012

Stressful Day 7:59am April 27th

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, it got really stressful at the hospital what with first finding out that we aren't going home today and then the complication with Owen's Captopril.  So, with the oxygen, Owen's stats came back up just fine and his blood oxygenation was sitting in the 80's again.  Just before we left the hospital around 9 last night (we just couldn't sit at the hospital anymore) Owen's nurse took him off of the oxygen and his stats didn't fall again, so the Captopril must have already been working its way out of his system.  Cassie and I decided to go to Dave and Busters for a change of scenery (we have been either at the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald house and we pretty much just sit around at both places) and to kill some time before going back to the Ronald McDonald house.  When we got back to the Ronald McDonald house, Cassie called for an update and Owen was doing fine.  His blood pressure was coming back up and he was sleeping comfortably.  They didn't give him his nightly dose of Captopril to give it more time to work its way out of his system and they didn't have to put him back on the oxygen, thank God.  I hope they never decide to change his medications again like that, that was pretty scary.

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