Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puke 10:10pm April 22nd

So Owen puked for the first time tonight after his 9pm feeding (OK his feeding was a little late because Cassie and I were doing some of our training).  He was having some issues taking his bottle I think because he was too enthusiastic because it was a little late.  He wasn't drinking it very well and only managed to take 32ml.  Then I tried to give him his meds orally and he was having none of that, so those had to go down his NG tube.  We had just finished giving him the rest of his milk and I had him sitting up and he puked on me.  We were worried that he had just gotten his meds so we called his nurse in the room and she had to call around to ask if he should get his meds again.  Because it was so close to when we gave him his meds we had to give them to him again.  At this point I really wish I had remembered to bring another shirt this morning (I thought we learned that lesson yesterday that we should always have extra shirts in case he has a blowout or something, apparently we just needed a real accident).

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