Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11:21am April 4th

We went down to visit Owen again before Grandma and Grandpa Krajnik get here.  Owen is slightly jaundiced right now, but his nurse said that it is normal and isn't something we should worry about, it should be taken care of when they have to give him blood for the surgery.  When we got there his renal oxygen saturation was low, but that is because his nurse had just given him a bath.  Once his renal saturation came back up we got a bottle of mommy's milk ready so that Cassie could give feed him.  He wasn't really interested in the milk, he was kinda sleepy so the nurse is going to try later so that the milk doesn't go to waste.

He had his thumb in his mouth and then by the time I took the picture he had moved his hand.

Now we are talking to Jennifer in Cassie's room who is bringing us up to speed on Owen's operation.  His operation is scheduled for first thing in the morning tomorrow which means he will probably be in surgery by 8am.  This type of surgery generally takes about 8 hours.  His principal surgeon is going to be Dr. Tweddell who is the best of the best at Children's Hospital.  She went into more detail about the surgery, but we will just update tomorrow as it comes.  We did ask if I can donate blood from them to use when he is in surgery.  They can do that, but they wouldn't be able to use my blood for tomorrow although that is definitely an option for future surgeries.

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  1. What a great idea of donating your blood for Owen. Owen is one lucky little guy to have such great parents. I hope you guys are able to learn as much from him as he learns from you. Prayers are with you as you approach the surgery in the morning.



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