Monday, April 2, 2012

12:55pm April 2nd

When we got down to see Owen they were a little concerned that he hadn't peed yet on his own so they were putting in a catheter.  And wouldn't you know it, as soon as they got it in he was peeing around the catheter, I guess they just had to break the seal.  They put in an umbilical IV line since I was last there in addition to the one they had going into his hand.  He of course has the five lead heart monitor to keep an eye on his heart.  Cassie got to hold Owen for the first time.
Now it is time to get some food for mommy and get some more sleep.


  1. Love that first moment of mommy & baby :)

  2. Motherly love is so beautiful!! Owen is a great bundle of joy!! Cassie, you look really great, after going through such a long labor and surgery. You have been rewarded with a wonderful baby boy. ... He is truly a blessing gift from God!! :-)



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