Friday, April 6, 2012

All closed up 1:45pm April 6th

As Cassie and I were getting all of our things together so that she could be discharged from Froedtert we got a call from the Ronald McDonald house around 12:30pm saying that they had a room become available for us (yes, now we have someplace really close to stay while Owen is in the hospital).  While we were waiting for someone from transport to come and help us take all of our stuff out to the car, we got a surprise visit from my Aunt Theresa, who works in Froedtert Hospital, while she was on her lunch break.  Now we have all of our stuff moved out of Cassie's room and are ready to move into the Ronald McDonald house.  But first we wanted to visit Owen in the CICU.  When we got down to the CICU, Owen's nurse said that he is still doing great, so great in fact that they already closed up his chest!!!!  They came in around 11:30am and decided that Owen was doing so well that they could go ahead and close up his chest right away.  It isn't that common for a baby in Owen's condition to have their chest closed less that 24 hours after coming out of surgery.  His nurse said she thought of calling us to tell us that they closed, but she knew that we would be coming back soon, so she thought that would be a nice surprise for us,which it was.  There he goes being an overachiever again, keep up the good work Owen, you can overachieve all you want in my book, that just means that we get to bring you home that much sooner.

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