Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leaking lines 11:36pm April 10th

Cassie just called the hospital for an update on Owen.  The line that they just put in last night in his foot started leaking all over the place because he has been moving around so much.  So his nurse had to remove the line and now she put a line in his elbow, hopefully this one wont give us any trouble.  On rounds they decided not to take him off the ventilator, and they didn't really give an estimate on when they will take him off.  They just want to let his heart rest, but we really wish that we could hold him and right now the only thing keeping us from picking up our little boy is that tube in his nose.  His nurse also just finished feeding Owen 20ml of Cassie's milk and she said that he took it really well.  They are feeding him through his NG tube, but at least the milk is getting used now.

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