Monday, April 2, 2012

Say hello to Owen

As of 12:45am April 2nd, we are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.  Owen was 8 lbs even and 19.75 inches at birth.  He has a full head of dark hair, which we both knew that he would have a bunch of hair, but Cassie was hoping it would be red.  I got to cut the umbilical cord and then they brought him in to see mommy, and then it was off to the NICU.  Cassie is all closed up now at 1:30 and they are getting ready to transfer her to the recovery room.


  1. How exciting!!! Congratulations to you Kevin and Cassie. Welcome Owen!! You are truly blessed!! Now let's see some pictures!!

  2. Always possible he will still get red hair :) Our son was born with dark brown hair and it all fell out and grew back blonde. Congrats to both of you!!



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