Thursday, April 5, 2012

Talking to Dr. Tweddell 9:36am April 5th

We got a call in Cassie's room about 9:10am from Bridget, the nurse helping out with Owen's surgery that will be providing hourly updates of the progress of the surgery, saying that Dr. Tweddell, Owen's principal surgeon, wanted to talk to us before the surgery.  So after a quick hop down to the cardiac ward, we meet with Dr. Tweddell to talk about the surgery.  He explained to us the risks of the surgery and some of the things that will happen.  The Dr. said that for this type of procedure, there is a 10% chance of not surviving the surgery meaning there is a 90% chance that Owen will survive.  There is also a risk of stroke, but they are not very common.  After the surgery his chest will most likely be open for two or three days.  After he finished talking to us, Dr. Tweddell was going to scrub in to surgery.  After the Dr. left we asked Bridget if Owen was already asleep, and she said that he went down just fine and all of the lines were in without any complications and they were all ready to begin.

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