Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey, Check out my feet! 1:42pm April 9th

I can't believe that today is actually Cassie's and my 9 month wedding anniversary and Owen is a whole week old today.  We finally managed to be in Owen's room when my cousin Jill, who actually works here at Children's Hospital, stopped by to check up on Owen.  First on Friday we were getting ready for Cassie to get discharged from the hospital, then on Saturday we were running errands at were most likely at the store when she stopped, and yesterday she stopped by really early because it was Easter probably before we got here.  So today we were finally here when she stopped.  Cassie just asked if, now that he has his chest tubes out, we can start dressing Owen.  His nurse said that they don't like to dress them until their are off of the ventilator, but we can put socks on him.
And aren't those socks right, he is just a little super star.

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