Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Owen's first feeding 1:48pm April 3rd

We just got back from seeing Owen.  The nurse taking care of Owen today said that putting in the pick line went really well and when they got back to the NICU he went right to sleep.  While we were down there one of the neonatologist fellows came in to talk with us.  His surgery is most likely going to be on Thursday although he was unsure of the time of his surgery.  We also talked with someone from speech who takes care of setting up a feeding plan for the intensive care babies.  We got to feed him for the first time while the woman from speech was there.  He took 3 cc's of Cassie's milk like a champ.  I got to do it because I was the one holding him at the time, but I think that is only fair since Cassie will be doing most of his feedings.

Cassie is jealous of me, so she gets to feed him the next time.

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