Friday, April 6, 2012

Running tests 8:50pm April 6th

Cassie and I got to see them draw blood for tests at 8pm.  They do draws a couple of times a day to make sure that everything is going well, looking at electrolytes and other blood levels.  The next draw will be around 4am.  After they did the blood draw they were stripping the chest tubes which drain off the excess fluids from in his chest to make sure that blood doesn't clot in the tubes.  Shortly after stripping his chest tubes they suctioned his lungs.  Because the ventilator is doing a lot of the work, they have to periodically go in and suction out the fluid that tends to build up in his lungs.  Shortly after they finished suctioning he opened his eyes and was looking around.
I love it when his eyes are open.  Then they came in to check his ventilator make sure everything was working well.  They suctioned out his lungs again after checking the ventilator.  Now things are calmed down after 9pm.

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