Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not today 12:46pm April 7th

Cassie and I decided to get some shopping and errands done this morning before we went to the hospital to visit Owen for the rest of the day.  So, now after getting some needed supplies at Walgreens and getting some baby books for Owen at Barnes and Nobles (we needed to get Cassie a wheelchair in the mall because she is still hurting from her c-section) and running back to the Ronald McDonald house we are at the hospital.  During rounds this morning, the doctors decided not to pull his heart lines and chest tubes, not because he probably isn't ready for it, but because he did just have surgery on Thursday and they don't want to push him to fast. They decided that it would be best to wait until tomorrow to pull out his heart lines and chest tubes.  They are most likely going to be taking him off of the ventilator later today because his breathing is really strong.  They even turned the ventilator way down so that he is mostly breathing on his own at this point.  He has been a little bit more touchy lately with his numbers dropping every time he is moved.  Due to this they turned his sedative back up a bit just to make sure that he is comfortable.

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